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Euro Plant Tray

Improving together for more sustainabilty - this is certainly how the goal of Euro Plant Tray could be summarised. Since 2021, companies and associations from the European Green Sector have been working together to develop criteria for the design and handling of reusable plant trays.

Unique in Europe, the various green supply chain professionals are working together for a standardised industry solution, not only realising their goal of reducing plastic waste through the use of reusable trays, but also opening up new opportunities in process automation and supply chain efficiency. 

From 2024, the Euro Plant Tray will be available for supplies from the producer via wholesalers to garden centres, DIY stores, the retail trade.

The system with a future

The members jointly develop different rental models: Rentals of 1 year, 3 years, 5 and 10 years will be offered to accomodate different market needs. Euro Plant Trays will be offered to members and none members, subrental is explicitly allowed to cater for individual supply chain needs. All over Europe one uniform deposit fee can be used to secure that items are being returned to the respective business partner.                                                                            

The pool will be managed by a neutral pool manager acting throughout Europe and offering users services such as cleaning, transport and exchange of broken items. 

Functionality and design

The Euro Plant Tray combines experience and innovation to create the sustainable packaging for the future:

  • Stable construction that guarantees more than 100 rotations and a service life of at least 10 years
  • Water reservoir to supply the plants during transport and at the POS 
  • Equipped with RFID and 2D Datamatrix Code (QR Code) for individual identification as well as generic GS1 barcode to cater for retail needs. 
  • Handles and rounded edges for safe manual processing
  • Automated handling possible
  • Cradle2Cradle material use
  • Retention of existing industry standard dimensions (CC Container dimensions)

Reusable vs. Disposable

Ecological advantages

More than 95 per cent of plant trays are currently on the market as disposable solutions (Weschnowsky 2021; Deutsche Umwelthilfe e.V. 2021). The German Environmental Agency ("Deutsche Umwelthilfe e.V.")  estimates that the annual amount of waste generated by the use of disposable plant trays is around 150 million trays in Germany alone, which corresponds to approx. 21 million kilograms (Deutsche Umwelthilfe e.V. 2021). 

A study by the Fraunhofer Institute for Material Flow and Logistics/Dortmund in cooperation with the Fraunhofer Institute for Environmental, Safety and Energy Technology/Oberhausen found that reusable plant trays have a cumulative energy input that is about 25 percent lower and thus better than that of disposable trays.

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40,000 t 

less plastic waste across Europe.

Comparable to 220,000 t CO2 eq/year 

Economic advantages

The intended tax on single-use plastic as well as the CO tax within the various European countries resulting from the Green Deal agreement adopted by all EU countries - will be an additional cost disadvantage in the future. The Taxonomy Regulation also leads to a shift of financial flows towards companies that operate sustainably.  The Euro Plant Tray is not only an environmentally sustainable solution, but also ultimately holds a cost advantage in itself.

  • Complying with the EU Packaging Directives
  • Adding value throughout the supply chain
  •  Independence from the raw material market


Foundation of Euro Plant Tray eG

On 23.8.2022, the wholesale organisations BGI and VGB, the wholesalers FleuraMetz/FM Group, mvb plants worldwide Marktverband Bremen GmbH and Sagaflor, as well as the DIY chains OBI, BAUHAUS and Hornbach found Euro Plant Tray eG in Cologne.

More partners join

Dehner Gartencenter GmbH & Co KG, Südblume Vertriebs GmbH and the Swiss Coop Genossenschaft become partners of Euro Plant Tray eG.

Selection of the test trays

The partners decide on 2 tray models to be tested in spring 2023. In close exchange between users and tray producers, the models have been optimised before the start of test series production.

Rental systems & pool management

The partners discuss desired rental systems and the services expected by market participants in the future. Talks with possible pool managers begin.

More partners join

Euroregionale Pflanzen Servicecenter EPS GmbH, Globus Fachmärkte GmbH & Co. KG and Intermarkt Thielen Vertriebs GmbH join Euro Plant Tray eG.

Launch of the EPT Test Trays

At the IPM in Essen, Euro Plant Tray eG presents the newly developed trays to the trade public with much positive feedback. The Austrian Bellaflora Gartencenter GmbH becomes EPT's latest member.

Practical test and further growth

The trays are tested in different supply chains in Germany and the Netherlands. Through a roadshow with members and other market parties additional feedback is being collected in order to develop a future-proof product together.                                                                                

 At the end of May Euro Plant Tray eG already counts 30 members from Austria, Germany, France, Norway, Switzerland and the Netherlands.

Final setup

The members of Euro Plant Tray eG evaluate the test results and decide which tray shall be further developed as first EPT model. Design adjustments and contractual details are being discussed with the producer.                                                                              

To prepare for the operational start in early 2024, a limited company (Euro Plant Tray GmbH) is being established.

Market launch

The first EPT trays are ready for delivery and will be successively introduced to the market. The goal is to have 6 million EPT trays in circulation by 2025 and then to expand the product range accordingly.


Helmut Rödiger
Head of Buying Garden

"We are proud to be a co-initiator of an industry-wide reusable system that makes it possible to demonstrably reduce plastic waste significantly and thus actively make a sustainable contribution in terms of the circular economy."

Thomas Fischer
Director Circular Economy
Deutsche Umwelthilfe e.V.

"DUH clearly demonstrated the importance of ecological solutions in horticulture at a symposium in 2021. We are therefore very pleased to see that EPT is following this path, which is necessary for climate protection and waste avoidance, and is implementing reusable packaging as a European industry solution. We very much welcome the decision of the industry participants and can only appeal to all market participants to follow this path."

Jens Oldenburg
Managing Director

"As a European industry solution, Euro Plant Tray eG is an absolute beacon for the idea of reusable packaging. In view of growing mountains of waste and a looming climate catastrophe, this commitment from the Green Sector for a sustainable use of resources is exemplary. I very much hope that other market participants will also join this initiative."

Matthijs Mesken
Managing Director

"VGB, as the representative of Dutch wholesalers, is a member of Euro Plant Tray eG as we are convinced that we have to work together across Europe for a clear positioning on sustainability. This is the only way we can break the flow of plastic waste and work responsibly towards a green future."

Werner Thielen
Managing Director
Intermarkt Thielen

"We are pleased that we, as a plant system logistics provider and sought-after partner, can help develop the supply chain between the producers and the sales outlets throughout Europe for an industry-wide reusable system."

Christian Müller
Managing Director
Mvb Plants Worldwide

"Being part of the decision-makers in this project is very close to our hearts. Only in a large community can we take the right steps for more sustainability in the future."

Jutta Lehmann
Group Purchasing Manager Garden

"We are a sustainable company, so it was clear to us from the very beginning that we want to be actively involved in an industry-wide reusable system to significantly reduce plastic waste. For me it is also a matter close to my heart to actively participate."

Georg Weber
Dehner Holding

"Inherently inspiring – Dehner can only fulfil this promise if we also take special care of nature. By joining Euro Plant Tray eG, we are taking a big step closer to this goal. Together with our alliance partners, we want to actively participate in the development of a reusable system that makes plant sales more sustainable and resource-efficient."

Martin Engler
Managing Director

"We are pleased to be part of the industry's path towards a standard reusable system. It is quite clear to us that the future must belong to reusable systems. It is essential to walk this path with many other market participants. The opportunity for the green sector to bring the issue of reusable packaging to the finish line has never been so realistic before."

Timo Huwer
Management spokesman
Globus Fachmärkte

"With our participation in this initiative, we want to significantly reduce single-use plastic waste. The responsible use of resources and environmental protection are of utmost concern for us. Corresponding measures are implemented as part of our sustainability strategy."

Dr. Peter O. Wüst
Managing Director, 
BHB - Handelsverband Heimwerken, Bauen und Garten e.V.

"A contemporary answer to a real environmental issue is: Euro Plant Tray eG. The DIY and garden center sector has joined forces with the BHB and is working intensively to move away from single-use waste. The next steps in EPT are clear and I am looking forward to its progress towards European and nationwide implementation."

Felix Thun-Hohenstein
Managing Director

"Sustainability concerns us all and together we can achieve much more. As the green number 1 with nature, bellaflora has long been committed to sustainable gardening. The introduction of reusable trays is the next essential step in environmental protection. We are pleased to be able to effect change on an international level together with our project partners."

Marc Goudzwaard
Manager Supply Chain & Logistic Means
Royal FloraHolland

"Royal FloraHolland has decided to join Euro Plant Tray eG in order to contribute with our expertise and experience to the introduction of a functioning reusable pool system. We are at the beginning of the transition from single-use plant trays to reusable trays with the aim of a sustainable supply chain in horticulture. It is important for us to represent the interests of our members in the development of this new European industry standard." 

Hans-Gerd Cox
Managing Director
Gebrüder Cox GmbH

"Euro Plant Tray represents a collaborative solution for the whole industry, not another isolated stand-alone solution. We feel responsible and want to make our contribution to sustainability and plastic savings within the cooperative and thus actively collaborate with our producers and customers."

Michiel de Haan
Managing Director
Royal Lemkes

"From the beginning of EPT we have supported the initiative  via the VGB as Dutch Accelerators as it supports Royal Lemkes’ dream towards “Positive Plants” which includes drastically reducing singular plastics towards a circular sector."

Benoit Strauven
Managing Director

"Joining this EPT initiative is evident for Floréac, due to our intrinsic motivation to make the world a better place. We count on all sector partners to make this transition to a sustainable sector."

Johannes Kronenberg
Managing Director
Landgard Blumen und Pflanzen

"Landgard has joined Euro Plant Tray eG to support the further development towards an industry-wide reusable tray system. We have been in close contact with Euro Plant Tray eG and the previous working groups from the beginning, so we are now taking this step to support a joint industry solution. As part of Euro Plant Tray eG, Landgard will play an active role in shaping the development and will also contribute existing know-how from its intensive involvement with the topic of reusable trays."

Steffen Vahldiek
Vahldiek AG

"In the future, there will be no way around sustainability, consequently we also want to contribute to the protection of our environmental and join in order to make the green industry more sustainable. The best way to achieve results is doing this together, just like the Euro Plant Tray team is tackling this."

Gudmund Baustad
AS Blomsterringen Engros

As the first Scandinavian partner, Blomsterringen will contribute together with leading European partners in Euro Plant Tray eG to standardize a system for reusing trays. This will contribute to a significant reduction in the use of disposable plastic trays, which significantly saves the environment and resource use.

Peter Pohl

"We are proud to be a part of Euro Plant Tray. Sustainability is one of three core focus points of our corporate culture. Thus, it was clear to us from the very beginning to contribute actively tomake  the green industry more climate-friendly through a Europe-wide reusable system. This is a responsibility we have towards ourselves and we are happy to take part in this."

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